Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More of Kathy's letters

I'm behind schedule after having spent a month frantically getting ready for a show, but I think this will just about catch up to where I'm supposed to be.


  1. I like the bright spark of the red one!
    Sandy in the UK

  2. I love all of the different layers/media you have going on here - there's so much to explore within each letter...

  3. ^yes! Each stands nicely on its own - but looking forward to seeing them all together, too! Refresh my memory - are you cutting out the letters free-form? I love their non-static feel. They are alive.

  4. Wow - these are great! My eye moves every which way and I love the colour in the letters vs the repetition of the background colours - altho each background is so different. Looking forward to seeing more.


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