Monday, March 25, 2013

Embossed Letters e,f,g,h

Hi! A tad late...but I wanted to spend time responding to others' new posts as well as send an update on my latest letters. So I've blocked out some time today to do just that! 

I was toying with re-working my alphabet - but now that I've moved passed "d" I think I will stick with my original concept. As I was preparing my embossing "templates" I noticed an interesting composition taking place, so it gave me some ideas for my final "coming together" of the alphabet. I love all the mini-compositions (as apposed to just a letter) that are coming in from everyone. I've been toying with adding to my single embossed letter with a bit of gold, maybe...a word or just embellishment. Thanks for the inspiration! So, here's last month's creations and a little insight into the next few letters...Sally

I played with the exposure of this in PhotoShop so it was a little more clear - embossing is hard to photograph (for me anyway)
Letters to come!

"Composition" ideas happening while creating templates


  1. Rather Cool! You Could Kit-Out An Entire Website Using These Letters As Buttons.

  2. Tony, not sure what you mean, but sounds fascinating...explain! :)

  3. I like your happy letters, very clever & unique.

  4. These letters have swing - like jazz! Will be interesting to see if you choose to embellish - and I like the way the letters have fallen into a composition of sorts. Enjoy.


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