Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Noela's finished alphabet no.1, 2013

At last - the fabric hanging alphabet is finished.
I hand stitched patches of dyed silk to the backs of the letters and added a lovely highlight of red kimono silk to the back of the letter 'o'.


I ended up with 4 'drop lengths' of letters, then bound the bottom edges and added satay sticks to the top edges for strength and hanging fixtures.
Next I found, cut to size and drilled a lovely piece of word worm eaten driftwood to match the wabi sabi nature of the letters.
The four drops were stitched through the holes in the wood and fixed on the top with tiny buttons, then loose cords were bound into a hanging cord.

Every stage of this alphabet posed a logistical challenge, but I like the result...definitely 'me'.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Lyndell's Neuland Watercolour Alphabet

Second half of the year and my next alphabet.  This time a Neuland alphabet done with walnut ink and coloured with watercolour pencils.
I didn't start with the traditional ABC so here's hoping that I remember to do them (at least the A &C).  I rather like them for the pretty colours that can be achieved with watercolour pencils.

Finally done!

My first alpha for the year is finally done using a super simple binding method, mulberry-type paper, watercolors and my letters drawn on bristol paper.

I finally settled on the idea and presentation for my Peace theme alphabet so am getting started on that right away.  Really, right away! :)  I've really loved seeing everyone else's treatment of that theme but the more I saw what others were doing, the harder it got to find my own that I've come up with the concept, I'm eager to start.  Thanks Fiona for hosting again and keeping us inspired!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Alphabet - Paix - Callie - Album


Voici l'album que j'ai réalisé avec les lettres sur le thème de la paix...
Here is the album that I made with the letters on the theme of peace ...

J'ai ajouté des citations en écriture "Anglaise" et en "onciale" ainsi que quelques motifs imprimés et quelques décorations...
I added quotes write "English" and "uncial" and some printed patterns and some decorations ...

Les autres photos sont ici... ça faisait vraiment beaucoup...
The other photos are here... it was really a lot of photos...

Bonne journée
Have de good day.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Voici enfin mes dernières lettres! premier alphabet terminé...
Je le monterai avec le deuxième qui fera écho au premier et le dynamisera je pense avec des couleurs plus vives

et le tout terminé, en attente du second...ouf, je suis très satisfaite d'être arrivée au bout du premier alphabet!!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

dernières lettres

Voilà mes dernières lettres, Il n'y a que pour "v" que j'ai trouvé le mot PAIX, dans une autre langue, en néerlandais "vrede"
Maintenant je dois réfléchir à la façon la plus belle de présenter ces 26 lettres.
Mobile ou rideau, je ne sais pas encore...
Les voici toutes :

En France, à l'ouest, il fait enfin beau.
Le jardin et la mer m'appellent...!!
A bientôt


I show you  my last letters, it is only for "v" I found the word PEACE in another language :  "vrede"

Now I have to think about the most beautiful way to present these 26 letters.

Mobile or curtain, I do not know yet ...

In France, in the west, it is finally nice.

The garden and the sea ... call me!

Go well


Thursday, July 4, 2013

L'alphabet de la paix, la fin - Callie


Et voilà, c'est la fin... voici les dernières lettres...
And here is the end ... Here are the latest letters ...

Du coup, je mets aussi les deux dernières lettres de l'alphabet.

Et en théorie, j'ai maintenant beaucoup de temps pour m'occuper du deuxième alphabet... ;) mais je n'en dirai rien pour le moment... Ce sera une surprise... Il n'y en a plus tant au fil d'un alphabet, je peux bien faire un peu de cachotterie avant...

Maintenant il ne me reste plus qu'à trouver le moyen de relier ces lettres de la paix pour qu'elles deviennent une composition et puis voilà... 

Bonne journée et au mois prochain 
And in theory, I now have plenty of time to take care of the second alphabet ... ;) But I can not say anything yet ... It will be a surprise ... There are more so over an alphabet, I can do a little secretiveness before ...

Now it only remains for me to find a way to connect the letters of the peace to become a composition and that's ...

Good day and next month

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fiona's first alphabet finished

Like many others, I pondered my peace alphabet for quite awhile, and in the end decided to set myself the challenge of finding peace mentioned in the newspapers we read each week; and then doing my letter over the top in a hand I am not familiar with - Neuland style.  Some weeks, I couldn't find a mention of peace; some times I hit the jackpot and there were three or four mentions.

I enjoyed writing on the newsprint - it is an easy every-day material, and graphite/pencil seemed like an ordinary material to use as well. Hoping in a way that peace could be an everyday kind of thing I guess.

When it came to putting them all together, I thought of a corkboard - like pinning up things I had cut out from the newspaper on a board.

The analytical side of me had been recording where I found the word peace and in what context; so I made up an extra top 10 mentions squares as well - and included them in the final piece.

I am playing with the idea of it being more random - but for now the structure and the grid hold me.

My lettering needs a fair bit of work, but I am happy enough with where I got to. Now onto Alphabet 2 - eek!

June barbed wire letter flags

I had these photographed before, but didn't have a chance to sort the photos because I was making work for a deadline.

Anyway, here are the last letters.

and all together.

As I said before,

These are flags for the top 26 countries on the World Watch List -
making people aware of human rights violations
against those with Christian beliefs.
Seeking peace for all in these countries.

This project has made me much more aware of what is going on in other parts of the world. I have been reading about each country every week, too. So, when you hear about something happening there, you have a better understanding of how those events are affecting the people who live there.

I hope to begin putting the set together for the presentation this week.

and  thinking about the next set! but what to choose?