Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fiona's first alphabet finished

Like many others, I pondered my peace alphabet for quite awhile, and in the end decided to set myself the challenge of finding peace mentioned in the newspapers we read each week; and then doing my letter over the top in a hand I am not familiar with - Neuland style.  Some weeks, I couldn't find a mention of peace; some times I hit the jackpot and there were three or four mentions.

I enjoyed writing on the newsprint - it is an easy every-day material, and graphite/pencil seemed like an ordinary material to use as well. Hoping in a way that peace could be an everyday kind of thing I guess.

When it came to putting them all together, I thought of a corkboard - like pinning up things I had cut out from the newspaper on a board.

The analytical side of me had been recording where I found the word peace and in what context; so I made up an extra top 10 mentions squares as well - and included them in the final piece.

I am playing with the idea of it being more random - but for now the structure and the grid hold me.

My lettering needs a fair bit of work, but I am happy enough with where I got to. Now onto Alphabet 2 - eek!

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  1. Sorry I am late on commenting. I really like the corkboard presentation - it works very well with these clippings about peace. and then the addition of the record of the context of peace, especially with the font and notice format really balances out the look. The paper and graphite letters somehow stand out more now than on their own.
    Sandy in the UK


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