Sunday, March 31, 2013


Un beau dimanche de Pâques , encore froid mais avec enfin du soleil !
En France dans l'ouest, nous en avons beaucoup manqué cet hiver !

Voilà mes 4 lettres suivantes toujours, sur le thème de la paix avec de la légèreté et de la transparence !
Pour le "J",  j'ai utilisé le papier à bulles dont on se sert pour envelopper les objets précieux.

J'ai toujours beaucoup de plaisir à regarder les réalisations de chacun, avec autant de variétés et d'originalité !

A bientôt



A beautiful Easter Sunday, still cold but the sun finally!
In France in the west, we missed a lot this winter!

Here are my four following letters always on the theme of peace with lightness and transparency!

For "J", I used the bubble wrap that is used to wrap valuables.

I always enjoy watching the achievements of each, with as much variety and originality!




Folding my tent

Still suffering from 'balloon head' and this wretched over-long head and chest cold, I have not been touching any work for some time now.  My head not only feels adrift from my body, but also my work seems perilously adrift from any control.  In paroxysms of coughing during the night I would especially worry about my letters - that being the main external commitment I have.
I admit that I have chosen to manifest my peace alphabet in a way which needs too much time and concentration relative to what I consider my main work, and so any interruption has pushed the letter work to the back of the pile.  Now I see that I must cut this project loose in order to focus on my stitching - when I get my brain back.
So, that's all from me folks!  The rather pathetic A, B, and C are as far as I get - but I shall continue to enjoy watching your wondrous works through the year.

Friday, March 29, 2013

March barbed wire letter flags

These are my letters for March...weeks 10-13

These are flags for the top 26 countries on the World Watch List -
making people aware of human rights violations against those with Christian beliefs.
Seeking peace for all in these countries.

Lack of forward planning

As I laid out k and l over the top of the following page to photograph it for this post I realised that I could see the m through the cut out. As I don't want to see further back than one page at a time this meant that I needed to rejig k and m. The size of the letters within the square meant that there was only one way of arranging them. Unfortunately this has had a knock on effect on all of the preceding letters - they have all needed moving about and reprinting.
On this plus side it made me consider the way I had arranged the rest of the alphabet before I cut any further. It turned out that there was also a problem with arranging w and y to fit over each other. And again this affected letters both before and after them. So I have rearranged and reprinted.

Here are the new version of i,j,k and l. Printed and cut


And overlaid....

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Calligraphytique Letter's #Week 13

This week, a "M"! / On continue cette semaine avec un "m"!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Here are my March letters, still using my own paintings for the main body of the letter. I have found one particular painting suits most letters, as it gives a good covering, though I have used a couple of others, those being my feather paintings...which seem to suit also, saves things from getting too boring.
As for getting straighter lines....well that still evades me.

I am really enjoying the whole process, and also seeing everyone else's work,
such inventive people out there....see you next month, cheers Sandra. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Embossed Letters e,f,g,h

Hi! A tad late...but I wanted to spend time responding to others' new posts as well as send an update on my latest letters. So I've blocked out some time today to do just that! 

I was toying with re-working my alphabet - but now that I've moved passed "d" I think I will stick with my original concept. As I was preparing my embossing "templates" I noticed an interesting composition taking place, so it gave me some ideas for my final "coming together" of the alphabet. I love all the mini-compositions (as apposed to just a letter) that are coming in from everyone. I've been toying with adding to my single embossed letter with a bit of gold, maybe...a word or just embellishment. Thanks for the inspiration! So, here's last month's creations and a little insight into the next few letters...Sally

I played with the exposure of this in PhotoShop so it was a little more clear - embossing is hard to photograph (for me anyway)
Letters to come!

"Composition" ideas happening while creating templates

Friday, March 22, 2013

Next letters from Sue in South Africa

Here are Sue's next letters..

Pencil uncial

Another 4 letters for my book.  I like the simplicity of them, and the fact that I've not created myself a cumbersome task.
Each time I do a letter I use watercolour to paint the little squares, and I use that colour to add 2 little squares to the cover of the book.
Although all the colours are fairly muted, the collection of squares on the cover is starting to have a carnival feel!
I want to stick the letters in the book, but then I'd miss the chance of photographing them all together.
I'm loving some of the other alphabets - and amazing to see the variety of ideas!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Flock of Cranes

Counting a thousand cranes is an arduous business.  To aid in this process I have made a visual aid so that I don't have to keep counting over and over.  Although it does look like I might have to get a bigger jar!
I'd like to report that making the cranes is surprisingly therapeutic!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Calligraphytique Letter's #Week 12

This time, the "L"... / Cette semaine, vous pouvez découvrir le "L"!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Eithna's (Very Late) introduction

Hello, I am Eithna Joyce from Ireland, I participated in A.L.A.W. 2012, and enjoyed it so much, I have 2 little books that would never have come about without this project.
I am a little late getting started this year, I won't go into all my excuses but at last I am ready and hope to play catch up in the next week or two. Some of my delay was down to my pondering about "Peace" and how best to approach it. A line from a Yeats poem kept recurring in my head as I thought about the theme, it is from "TheLake Isle of Inishfree" the line goes
"For I shall have some peace there, for peace comes dropping slow"
I love that image, you can read the whole poem HERE. I hope to capture that inner peace and calm that we all strive for, a personal peace rather than a global one. To be at peace with oneself and others is a good place to be.
Now that I have declared my intentions I'm off to get started so until I post again,
Peace be with you.
If you want to know about me drop by my Blog littlebitofblue.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Calligraphytique Letter's #Week 11

The "K", in this 11th week! / Enfin, le "K", l'alphabet est atteint presque sa moitié!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More of Kathy's letters

I'm behind schedule after having spent a month frantically getting ready for a show, but I think this will just about catch up to where I'm supposed to be.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Noela's first letters for 2013

It has been a busy start to the year, but I have at last caught up on my ALAW 2013 letters. This is not the 'Peace' alphabet, rather another 'wabi sabi' alphabet.
The fabric is an old worn linen tablecloth, I think originating at a girl's convent in Toowoomba many decades ago. I have rust and tea dyed the fabric and taken to it with a big brush and some black acrylic paint, then it was put through the washing machine.
The fabric has found its way into several art works and exhibitions. It is now somewhat familiar to me and seems like an old friend.
The format I am using is a hanging book - more on that later. Here are the first 8 letters.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Alphabet "Paix" - E-F-G-H - Callie


J'ai pu profiter de ce début de vacances pour avancer un petit peu les petites lettres...

I enjoyed the beginning of this holiday to advance a little small letters ...

Je me demande quand même comment je vais assembler tout ça... Peut-être aurais-je du me poser la question auparavant... Je pensais à un album accordéon de papier noir... Mais finalement, je trouve le noir trop sombre pour la paix, même si probablement, ça ferait ressortir les couleurs...

I wonder how I'm still assembling all ... Maybe I should ask of me before ... I thought of a black paper accordion album ... But ultimately, I think the black is too dark for peace, although probably it would highlight the colors ...

M'enfin... je verrai bien...
I finally ... I'll see ...

Passez une bonne journée
Have a good day.

Apology and explanation...

... for the lack of letters from me!

As I type, the sun is shining, but it's far too windy for outdoor photos.
Any of you who have lived  or holidayed in the tropics during monsoon season will understand that, when we do have a reprieve, priorities are usually focussed on cleaning!

I am working on letters. Honest! If the weather cooperates ( no reflection on Sandras in general, but the current cyclone is named Sandra!) and if I'm not caught up in car shuffles to the airport I may manage a rubbish picture later today...

But I am enjoying what's coming through on the blog.

Cheers!  Di

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Calligraphytique Letter's #Week 10

10 Letters, 10 Weeks..... the "J"! / Pour cette 10eme semaine, voici le "J".

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lyndell - Cranes

Finally! I am catching up again. YAY.
I have been having a think about the colour of the cranes.  Perhaps red, although very dramatic is not quite the colour of peace.  I tried blue but I wasn't totally happy with that.  Next thought I had was recycled paper and for this I chose an old first aid book from when I was a trainee nurse.  Somehow it seemed appropriate.

Monday, March 4, 2013

February Cut Outs

A little bit late but here they are, EFGH for February.

On white

and showing through

Abécédaire pour la paix...suite

Même si j'ai trouvé la trame de ma réalisation, il faut trouver du temps pour s'y mettre!
Cela paraît simple et pourtant il y a plusieurs étapes à ne pas rater...voilà la suite des lettres pour la paix: D'abord les 4 premières mises en pages: amour, bonheur,clémence,douceur.

puis les 4 suivantes: espoir,famille,grandeur,harmonie.

Le lacis est toujours réalisé avec le mot choisi. Mon Abécédaire correspond aux mots que je ressens pour la paix...

Saturday, March 2, 2013

February uncial pencil letters

Here's my next 4!
I'm glad I chose something that's not too complicated, because it's still a pleasure to make the letters - even when life's feeling very busy.
I'm loving seeing the different treatments people are using - and the innovative interpretations of Peace.

You can see the corner of the book that the letters will be displayed in at the top of the page.

February barbed wire letter flags

My letters for February - includes week 9.

These are flags for the top 26 countries on the World Watch List -
making people aware of human rights violations against those with Christian beliefs.
Seeking peace for all in these countries.