Sunday, March 31, 2013

Folding my tent

Still suffering from 'balloon head' and this wretched over-long head and chest cold, I have not been touching any work for some time now.  My head not only feels adrift from my body, but also my work seems perilously adrift from any control.  In paroxysms of coughing during the night I would especially worry about my letters - that being the main external commitment I have.
I admit that I have chosen to manifest my peace alphabet in a way which needs too much time and concentration relative to what I consider my main work, and so any interruption has pushed the letter work to the back of the pile.  Now I see that I must cut this project loose in order to focus on my stitching - when I get my brain back.
So, that's all from me folks!  The rather pathetic A, B, and C are as far as I get - but I shall continue to enjoy watching your wondrous works through the year.


  1. Better to recover and feel happier about your schedule. Get well!

  2. Dear Olga - I know I am happy that you have been able to let this go for now; it is dreadful to feel that sort of pressure that makes your head go around and round. We look forward to having you comment as you watch what the rest of us come up with. Go well, be well.


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