Saturday, April 27, 2013

Looking for Peace Somewhere, Sometime, Everywhere, All times

Each day I wonder is it worth reading the news? Each day I wonder what will I see on the television with world news? Is it better to just surround yourself with your own world? Should we shut ourselves away from it all? Whose eyes should we see the world through? Who is talking time out for truth? Is there clarity in any of these such matters? I am pondering! Wondering! Peace is just a simple word!


  1. No easy answers Christine - I often think I want to simply withdraw. I guess we all find our way - we focus on giving peace, sharing peace and creating peaces, and acknowledging the bad, but not dwelling on it if possible. It's tough but I do think small steps and small acts help.

  2. corita kent, artist and peace activist once said, "it's a huge danger to pretend that awful things don't happen, but you need enough hope to keep going. I am trying to make hope. flowers grow out of dark moments." Thanks for sharing your hope.


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