Monday, April 22, 2013


Yes, I know, disgracefully late with these, my first letters!

Actually,I am up to L but have simply not had good light and time at the same time. Even these are merely snapped on the kitchen counter.

But I will be doing some repeats. The slightly "fuzzy" look I was aiming for calls for a little more pressure on  the pointy end of the stick. A and C are what I really want so I'll keep going til I achieve that fuzziness.

(I did think of using tissue overlays, but that got to laborious and still didn't look right!)

I'm still undecided as to presentation!


  1. I love how much personality you can see in the strokes that create these letters - as you say, especially evident in the 'A' & the 'C'. Here's hoping for more favorable weather/light soon!

  2. Thank you, Lisa.I'm using a bamboo pen, which is simply a sharpened piece of cane and does seem to have its own "personality."

  3. There's a lot of life and movement in these Di - the bamboo pen is speaking!


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