Saturday, February 23, 2013

January Letters

After signing up last year and not producing a single letter, I was determined to actively participate this year.  When thinking about "peace" I was drawn to the circle as it has no beginning and no end and to the rainbow because it encompasses the full spectrum of colour.  At Calligraphy Northwest in Portland last summer, I took a class with Pat Blair.  On the last morning she showed us a method for creating mandelas.  They are a lot of fun and a good way to practice control with the pointed nibs.  I created a mandela with a relatively large open space in the middle in which I put a capital letter.  Small capitals are in each of the 8 sections of the manela.  The basic mandelas are all created the same way, but there are some differences in the details.  I hope that creates cohesion and interest at the same time. 

Wendy in Burnaby, B.C. where we are now in bright sunshine after about 20 hours of rain.,


  1. Thanks, Lyndell.I am enjoying doing them.

  2. These do give a sense of peace. they are lovely.

  3. I love your mandalas, very elegant and cheerful too. I like the way each letter is part of the mandala design. Wonderful work!

  4. Welcome back wendy - and what a great start! The link between the circle, the mandela and peace is lovely and I am enjoying the colours and the letters in the mandela as well. I also like how you've left that bit to the left for later!


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