Saturday, February 2, 2013

Jac’s First Letters

It’s taken a while but after several false starts I’ve finally found an approach that I’m happy with.

I’m creating a series of 26 small textural abstract paintings cycling through a limited palette of deep violet, Prussian blue, phthalo green and white. 

I’m going to scan and print them in pairs and I’ll cut the letters out of the squares so that when they are finally bound together the texture of the page behind will show through.


  1. Love the palette you chose to work with. Letters, too. Nice that you've thought so much ahead to the finished product! By scanning in the backgrounds, you could create a whole series if you wanted!

  2. Love your palette too, it's subtle and elegant. And your idea of letting the background texture show through the letters is lovely, it's an additional layer and an additional dimension!

  3. Hmmm...I want to have my letters superimposed on my peace words, the whole finished in some book form, but if I proceed the way I'm thinking I will not have letters to post each week.Thank you for making me think "outside the square."
    And, yes, lovely palette.

  4. Like others I love this palette and the layering. Looks like the exploring is also fun!

  5. Ditto Jac! I love the palette and the excellent sense of balance & texture. This is going to be a treat and a treasure.


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