Thursday, February 7, 2013

Calligraphytique Letter's #Week 6


This is my first letters, as we are in the 6th week of 2013, I show you the first 6 letters of my alphabet, until the "F".

I've already finish my alphabet, so until the 26th week of 2013, you can discrovert one of my letter every weeks, on wenesday.
Why have I already finished my alphabet? Because I have examinations until June.... :/

So, explications finish, about my letters, I'm going to explain my alphabet...

The theme of the peace showed itself very difficult to express in calligraphy, because peace is very very complicated. What the peace are? The peace is an invention, a feeling, a human "thing". The peace is hard to put on a scrap of paper... No?!
So peace.... Peace, peace, peace, I turned and turned this word to my mind, and I finally thought that the peace is bound to the Earth. So, what the Earth is? This is a piece of universes, with seas, oceans, continents, climates... It has me to lead to wonder what was the way of the peace. I use this idea for my letters, I make an invented map, where all could imagine itself there. I think, peace isn't and will never be finished, thus my letters will never be finished, completed....
I used watercolors to paint the bottom, and made the outlines of continents and letters with some Senelier's ink. My paper is a special paper for calligraphy, a littel colored.
You can see that my letters are not complete/finish and completely virgin. At the beginning, I thought of coloring my letters, maintaining, with the final depiction, I have a doubt.... Of what think of it you? I leave them in white or I colour in them?
This first alphabet is very simple, my second will more be worked.


Voici mes premières lettre, comme nous sommes en la 6eme semaine de 2013, je vous montre mes 6 premières lettres, jusqu'au "F".

J'ai déjà terminé mon alphabet, donc jusqu'à la 26eme semaine de 2013, vous pourrez voir chaque mercredi une de mes lettres.
Pourquoi avoir fait cela? Parce que j'ai des examens importants jusqu'en juin....

Les explications finies à propos de mon avancement, je vais expliquer mon alphabet.

Le thème de la paix s'est montré très difficile à exprimer en calligraphie, parce que la pais est très très compliqué. Qu'est-ce que la paix? La pais c'est une invention, un sentiment, une "chose" humaine. La paix est difficile à mettre sur un bout de papier, non?!
Donc la paix...., la paix, la paix, la paix. J'ai tourné et retourné ce mot dans mon esprit, et j'ai finalement pensé que la paix était liée à la Terre. Qu'est que la Terre? C'est un morceau de l'univers, avec des mers, des océans, des climats, des continents, ....  Cela m'a amener à me demander ce qu'était le chemin de la paix. J'ai donc utilisé cette idée pour mes lettres, j'ai créé une carte où tous pourraient s'imaginer. Je pense que la paix n'est et ne sera jamais finie, complète...
J'ai utilisé des aquarelles pour pendre la carte, le fond et de l'encre Senelier pour faire le contour des continents et de mes lettres. Mon papier est un papier spécial pour la calligraphie, un papier un peu coloré.
Vous pouvez voir que mes lettres ne sont pas complètes/finies et entièrement vierges. Au début, je pensais les colorer, mais avec le résultat final, j'ai eu un doute.... Qu'en pensez vous? Je les laisse comme cela ou je les colories?
Ce premier alphabet est très simple, mon second sera plus travaillé.

The 6th firts letters: / Les 6 premières lettres:


  1. I really like your reasoning. there is enough of the letter showing to 'see' the rest. Also they fine uncoloured because they are visible against the background.
    I think those letter qualities help to give the idea you expressed - that peace is not complete yet. It takes something on the part of the viewer to bring Peace to the earth in what ways they can.
    I am looking forward to seeing the rest.

    1. Thank you very much, I tried to go at the level of the other participants, but having no particular experiments, I am satisfied to learn it always more and to observe the calligraphy of others. This project made me many think about what I can "throw"("plan") in my calligraphy. It very pleases me to have your notices, whatever they are!

  2. Well, my thought is that "peace" is another man-made construct, and a very personal one at that! Not everyone will have the same interpretation, so I see peace as fragmented, fragile, incomplete.
    And your map of (isolated) islands resonates with me.I look forward to seeing the whole.

  3. I like the feel of this work. Upon first glance I felt "batik", then the earth feeling came over me. Nicely done.

  4. The "map" and the letters are amazing! And it is nicely done!

  5. I is challenging to define peace...and as we've seen so far there are so many interpretations. I like your thought process here and the results! Already this has been such a different challenge than I first thought it would be.

  6. I'd leave the letters white. It's not a pure, perfect white, as Peace cannot be pure and perfect either. Your approach is very interesting and I think that the completed set must be beautiful!

  7. je les trouve super joli avec les continents ! c'est une très belle idée et une jolie mise en œuvre !

  8. These are a lovely exploration of peace and the world all at once. Your letters look lovely in white and I like their sense of incompleteness...

  9. Thanks you very much. So my letters will remain white, even with some imperfections, I and You think that's better! So now, I will work on the second alphabet (this one is already finished!).


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