Friday, January 4, 2013

Noela's Introduction

Hi there,
I feel like a bit of an 'old timer' as I have participated in all ALAWs, but I must admit I still have 2 alphabets to put together.
I am a mixed media artist, living in beautiful Maleny, Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia, and I am honoured to have Fiona as a good friend.
My work is often influenced by the concept of 'wabi sabi' - the Zen Buddhist philosophy of finding beauty in things simple, weathered, incomplete. I am using 'rust' paint and a white 'lime wash' paint at the moment, and enjoying the serendipitous results - not a good benchmark for calligraphy, but it's a fun challenge finding a 'happy medium'.
I paint, sew, make jewellery, artists' books, dye stuff, design, exhibit, teach, travel, have coffee with friends and generally have a pretty good life. I'm looking forward to making some more good blogger friends this year.
My bog site is


  1. Hi Noela - this group has such a lovely breadth of creativity.

  2. This is going to be so exciting! It's great to be here with you, Noela.

  3. Hi Noela- Looking forward to seeing you new alphabets. Nice to know that there is an "old timer" to guide us!--Julie

  4. People from all over... This indeed will be fun! Love your books, Noela!

  5. Wow - we're both 'old timers' now I guess! Thanks for joining in again - tis such fun really!


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