Monday, January 21, 2013

Good morning all,

I thought I'd post pictures while I'm in one of those rare states (for me) - ahead of a deadline!

I have chosen uncial letters in pencil plus some muted colours in watercolour.  I teach pencil uncial letters as classes learn uncial, but it's always a step on the journey to pen made letters - they're not often used "for real", so I thought I'd celebrate them a little.
I was going to do something in a wabi-sabi style (from Wikipedia : beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent and incomplete").  Although it is all three of those things, I'm not sure I've captured the essence of wabi-sabi - but I'm going to see what happens over the coming months.
I've chosen a colour palette that I think is peaceful - not sure if this will be my peace alphabet or not!
(Can you see I'm not a planner but a wait and see sort of person...?)

I've made the structure already - it's a little book, and each time I create a letter square I'll add a little of the colour I used to the book cover.

Loving some of the other alphabets coming through - ALAW is going to be a great source of inspiration.


  1. I love pencil letters, repetition and squares so lucky me! The soft palette is working beautifully - hope you have fun along the way.

  2. I have also been drawn to the words 'incomplete' and 'impermanent' for my peace alphabet... I was also thinking about fragility, and you have that covered too!

  3. Like Fiona, I love pencil marks and pastels - I'm intrigued that you have already completed the cover and look forward to seeing it eventually.

  4. The designs look wonderful and also the fact that you chose the 'humble' pencil as your medium. The letters dance and celebrate their existence on your papers. A great way to start.

  5. For a wait and see person you've made great strides - a book already made!

  6. I love how the letters and colored squares seem to be floating. The 'd' is my favorite so reminds me of a galaxy, with the larger 'd's' at the front and the smaller ones receding into the distance.

  7. I like how you have created "little compositions" rather than just a single letter (it is so much fun to see all the different approaches and interpretations, isn't it?). Interesting that you chose Uncial and then and made your uncials so fragile. I usually think of uncials as really sturdy and heavy. So, I think that is a great approach in your exploration...pushing the "style" of the letter to accomplish your "peace" goal. :)


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