Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A new member

Greetings!  My name is Kathleen Loomis and I have just joined this community of letter lovers.  I'm primarily a fiber artist (check my blog here) but have resolved to work more in paper and mixed media this year.

My father was a typographer and I was raised with a love of both calligraphy and type.  Although I love beautiful hand-drawn letters, my skills are sadly lacking in this area.  In recent years I have been "unblocked" by a fine teacher who helped me realize that handwritten text need be neither legible nor beautiful. (Read about it here.)

I'm also a lover of daily or weekly art projects, so ALAW is something I'm greatly looking forward to participating in. 


  1. Kathy, I was fascinated to read about your father, and then about your experiences with lettering. I look forward very much to seeing what you do for this challenge.

  2. Hi Kathleen- I enjoyed reading about your dad but especially about your wise teacher. What an amazing way to open up and be fearless! I will be curious to see if you incorporate your fiber work with your alphabets.--Julie

  3. Ah Kathleen, thank you for sharing some of Laurie's teaching. I am in awe of her work and constantly look to see where she is going to be next and wonder if I can wangle a course somehow (a long way from Oz!). It sounds wonderful and beautiful and refreshing. Looking forward to your explorations in letters.

  4. Hi Kathleen, welcome aboard - it's a lot of fun. Cheers, Noela


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