Saturday, January 26, 2013

2012 wrap up

It's late, I know, but I just finished my second alpha presentation and wanted to share.  I have been so impressed with all the alphas started so far this year and am eager to catch up but I felt like I needed to finish this one first.

A quick recap:  my theme is flowers, using my own photography I printed images of flowers starting with each letter of the alphabet and then created pockets to hold the images.  I used 140lb watercolor paper as the book pages and this is my first attempt at a stitched binding.  Can't wait to try other bookmaking styles this year!

beads added to the binding

Now, I'm off to make some decisions about my first alpha for this year!


  1. What a beautiful presentation - I really like the splashes of color on the watercolor pages that hold it all together! Between the lettered 'pockets', the photos of the flowers, and the colorful pages, there's much to capture the imagination...

  2. Such a great finish to last year Terrie...the combination of photographs, flowers and letters works so well.


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