Thursday, January 17, 2013

First ALAW Challenge

Hello from Southern Sydney, this is my first ever blog, and first ever designed alphabet. Thanks Fiona for organising it. I am a member of  Southscribes in Sylvania, Sydney and  have attended calligraphy classes over 3 years, though I find I'm not very disciplined with the formal scripts.  I have admired calligraphy of many styles and the 2012 ALAW set by fellow member Valerie Keevers, she and the other core members of the group are always encouraging and generous with their knowledge.

I will enjoy this challenge to create 2 alphabets, the first one is Occy... Octopus

The 2nd alphabet is proving to be more of a challenge, but I am sure something will come to mind.
Keep up the good work.
Jan Armstrong


  1. Welcome to our crowd, Jan! You are the first to post letters here, I think. I need to hurry! Your Occy is fun.

  2. Welcome - and this is an amazing start to a first alphabet! So whimsical and clever - I look forward to seeing more!

  3. Thank you for going first! Your letters are very cheerful and remind me of holidays and summer - much needed as we are due a blizzard tonight in the UK.

  4. This is a very original alphabet! I especially like the 'curls' of blue, and the octopus form provides the chance for some really nice texture & a sense of fluidity.

  5. Lovely idea to have such a versatile animal to form the letters - a delightful character too. I also like the watery blue.

  6. Totally fabulous and creative Jan! It will be fun to see your octopus develop over the weeks - and see what weird and wonderful contortions you can put it thru.

  7. Welcome Jan, so glad to see that you are using your quirky images to form the octopus letters. Look forward to seeing the whole alphabet.


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