Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Letters for Peace.

These are the first letters for this year.  Peace to me means quiet and restful so I wanted and alphbet that reflected this.  So I wrote peace in many languages at 45 degrees across a large piece of paper in blue extended type script.  Cut the paper into squares so that when put together the writing still reads across the blocks.
What to write on top was the next question so decided to pen on monoline a versal type roman capital incorporating the peace symbol into each one.  Got so involved I finshed the whole alphabet!
Have not yet decided how to mount them, more thinking.  kept this alphbet very simple as the last one took so long I needed a break and feel very relieved that I am a few months in advance.
This is a block of four.


  1. You've finished the whole alphabet already! Congratulations. I like the simple design that allows room for thought and the inclusion of the Peace sign in each letter. The four together look lovely.

  2. There is a quiet and gentle serenity in these letters Valerie - and I like the way the background words link up again when you make a block of four. Very peaceful.

  3. Quiet & lovely Valerie, thank you ...


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