Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Peace letters presentation for Barbed Wire Flags

I finally finished the presentation part of the Peace Alphabet - Flags with barbed wire stitching.

On Sunday we had a special day to remember people who are attacked and beaten, have houses and churches destroyed, and are imprisoned or killed because they are Christians. This happens in a surprising number of countries around the world. The banner was just right hanging on the wall at church.

As I said before,
These are flags for the top 26 countries on the World Watch List -
making people aware of human rights violations
against those with Christian beliefs.
Seeking peace for all in these countries.

I wanted to make them more effective from a distance. I decided on a phrase that would fit with letters centred between the flag letters. The Phrase Prayer for the Persecuted worked very well. Besides being useful for seeing from a distance, it really helps the flags from twisting around on the ribbon. So it is a lot easier for folding up to store. I think without it, it would be a nightmare to untangle it every time you wanted to use it.

Here are some closer photos for detail.

(Pardon the spotty wall! We meet in a community centre -
the wall has years of kid's paint and blu tack residue!)

I am really glad for the challenge here about Peace. I learned a lot in the process of making the letters.

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  1. How wonderful that the letters were ready for this service. They maintain their strong message and I like how you added the extra words - they strengthen the flag letters even more. Congratulations.


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