Sunday, November 3, 2013

Eithna 2nd Alphabet

At last I have made a start on my 2nd alphabet. I had many ideas but no work and lots of excuses. But this week my stars must be aligned or perhaps it is the combination of stormy weather that I can't be bothered to brave the elements, or that I'm still buzzing after my sumi-e course in Westdean, as well as our t.v. is broken so all that means I'm catching up with my "to do" list and the A.L.A.W. was at the very top 
I cut pages from my sketch book (maybe a hint of desperation here) to see what random images would appear. I rubber stamped the letters with red ink to duplicate the stamp used in Japanese ink painting and so my 2nd alphabet began.

  Apologies for the poor quality photos I will post some more of them when I have better images.


  1. Oh... C'est une superbe idée que de découper des éléments dans un tout... Cela donne des compositions très intéressantes... et cela fait travailler le regard pour trouver "la" bonne partie... ;)
    ce sont des beaux éléments.
    - - - - - - -
    Oh ... It's a great idea to cut items in a while ... This gives very interesting compositions ... and it makes the work look to find "the" right part ... ;)
    These are beautiful pieces.

  2. These are lovely. I think, like Callie, a much better composition than if you had set out to create the look on each individual one.

  3. Love your work. Looks a bit Asian inspired?

  4. Oh!!! Just re-read your blog where you are talking about the Japanese influence . Still.... your work is beautiful.

  5. Really elegant Eithna - the random remnants plus the touch of a red stamp - beautiful!


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