Friday, November 15, 2013

I didn't forget

My second alphabet, the Peace alpha, has been challenging.  After seeing all the great ideas of how people interpreted it, I was stuck trying to come up with my own version, uninfluenced by what I'd seen.

This time I started backwards and figured out the display format first.  I've been wanting to try a flag book forever, so I settled on that for my format.  Then, what to put on the pages????  How to depict peace - overwhelmed by the global scope of the idea.  So I brought it back to a more personal level:  words and colors that bring me peace, that help me feel calm and peaceful.

I'm incorporating my photography by choosing images and closeups that feel peaceful to me and the lettering will be all in shades of blue/green which are the most peaceful colors.  I have all my flag pages done and the patterns for the letters, but the letters aren't all cut out yet.....  here's a hint of what I'm thinking....

Each page will have a word speaking to the idea or feeling of peace. I'm excited to pull this all together by the end of the year.

BTW, congrats to Fiona for successfully navigating the challenges of getting a show organized to showcase this excellent ongoing project!

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