Monday, November 11, 2013

Apologies, explanations and options...

As the co-ordinator of A Letter a week I am feeling particualry bad that I haven't managed to undertake my second alphabet for the year. And this week, I just decided to forgive myself and let it go, and say it just didn't happen. So I apologise for letting the side down.

As an explanation, I have been rather busy (as many of us are I know) and one thing that has been taking an inordinate amount of time since February has been the pulling together of the A Letter a Week - artistic journeys through the alphabet exhibition - at the Butter Factory Arts Centre in Cooroy.

Here is a link to my blog post from the opening and I have included some more photos below.

Since the beginning of ALAW I have hoped and dreamed it might be possible to pull together some of the works for an exhibition.  This exhibition opportunity appeared, and I sought a collection of finished pieces from 2010, 2011 and 2012.

In the end we had 63 works by 29 artists from 6 countries in the exhibition, which was pretty representative of ALAW contributions over the first few years.

It was very special to see the works in person, and in some instances hold them.

So apart from my other bibs and bobs I was focused on ALAW quite a lot; just not doing it!

And thirdly, here are the options…

I have set up a blog for next year, in the hope that some folk might want to continue, or some new folk might want to join in.  The exhibition has brought a lot of new interest so that could be interesting!

Here is a link to the new blog so far; so if you would like to continue or know somebody who might like to join, please send me an email and I'll get you onboard for the new year.

I will continue to pursue exhibition opportunities. The works on display have been so well received, people really enjoy seeing the creativity people have applied to the alphabet.

Thanks and go well


Valerie Keevers
Mieke van Sambeeck
Noela Mills
Elaine Witton
Ken Munsie
Kim Schoenberger
Christine Elcoate
Julie Grey
Anna Mavromatis
Laurence Bucourt


  1. Quel travail. Cela devait être une superbe exposition. C'est magnifique. J'ai découvert que voir les ouvrages "exposés" avait tendance à changer le regard sur eux...
    - - - - - - - - -
    What work. This should be a great show. It's beautiful. I discovered that see the works "exposed" tended to change the look of them ...

    1. Thank you Callie - and yes when the works are on display they do look and feel different!

  2. This is just splendid! I do wish I could see the exhibits live, they are all wonderful in concept and execution. Congratulations, Fiona, you did an excellent job.

    About not finishing your second alphabet... I haven't been able to finish my first yet, so I do understand. I will finish it though, and the second too, and I will definitely come on board for next year's project. Thanks for everything.

    1. Thanks Ersi - the show has been great and lots of people have loved it. Yes, sometimes the notions seems so easy - a letter a week - and sometimes it feels like a mountain to climb. Looking forward to a fresh new year!

  3. Wow Fiona, this is wonderful. So, really you have been doing letters, but not in the same way! Just giving a chance for work to be shown is such a special thing. Amazing.
    I will tell some others about the new year to come.
    Sandy in the UK

    1. Thanks Sandy - the show has been dazzling to see and yes I have definitely been playing with letters! Looking forward to the new year with new ideas and energy.

  4. Fiona, this looks beautiful!
    And I shall email you this morning with a grovelling apology...

    1. It has been a great show Di - and no need to grovel; I understand!


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