Monday, August 12, 2013

Eithnas Peace Book

Here is my finished Peace last! Once again I enjoyed making it so much and I am happy to have another book to add to my collection. This time I tried a different method to assemble the book. It is an attempt at stitching the spine together. I find I will look up the instructions on how to do something but half way through I'll just start to improvise, I think I'm not good with "how to instructions" in general. After I started I realize that my book paper could have been a better quality, but I am restricted to what my local craft shop has to offer. Must make a note to self to stock up on quality paper when next I visit a big city.

P.S. When I finished the letters for this book I  made some collages from the extra letters I had done. I love when work generates or inspires new/more work. You can see what I did over at littlebitofblue.


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