Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May is here, and so are my next 4 letters. Looming on the horizon is the prospect of making a book, something I've never done before, I have seen many beautifully made books, inventive, skillful, and with a knowledge of the process, I think I step into the unknown.....with eyes wide shut!!!! 

What a funny looking 'S' didn't quite work. 

I will have to be more inventive...not allowed to use my own paintings again, when I begin thinking how to interpret the word 'PEACE'


  1. toujours aussi beau! un régal pour les yeux

  2. I'm enjoying seeing the progression of your alpha - it's SO intriguing and I love that you're working from your own art. I may just have to borrow the concept....it's so cool. I too am in the 'peace contemplation' mode....

  3. Oh wow - you've found the right details for each letter here. I love the shape and movement of that S in particular. Have fun pondering the next one...

  4. Another fabulous lot of letters, Sandra - love the feathery T - has a character of its own XXX


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