Monday, November 11, 2013


It's been a long time since I have not written on this blog.
I finished my first aphabet long but I can not find a provision that forbid e to expose in full, and I tried to spend time for nothing ...
I started my second alphabet with the iris folding technique, I show you the first 8 letters, I'm late ...
Fiona thank you for the photos of the exhibition.
She must be very beautiful by the variety of alphabets and the artistic talents of everyone!


I don't understand but I can't write as I usually do, also excuse me for incomplete post !
I send a letter where we can see better the technik, if anyone don'tknow it


  1. These are fascinating! You must be putting a lot of work into them. The "Iris folding technique" is a great idea for combining with the letter apertures.
    Ceux-ci sont fascinants! Vous devez être mettez beaucoup de travail en eux. La «technique de pliage Iris" est une excellente idée pour les combinant avec les lettres ouvertures.

  2. Very interresting! How can you make that?


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