Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lyndell - Cranes

Finally! I am catching up again. YAY.
I have been having a think about the colour of the cranes.  Perhaps red, although very dramatic is not quite the colour of peace.  I tried blue but I wasn't totally happy with that.  Next thought I had was recycled paper and for this I chose an old first aid book from when I was a trainee nurse.  Somehow it seemed appropriate.


  1. I like your final color choice (recycled paper from your manual)...but it brings up a very interesting topic. Color theory and what colors might mean in various cultures. You thought red might be too harsh for "peace" but not having looked it up - but I think I will now - in other cultures red might be just the ticket! Black=mourning is some cultures while White=mourning in others. Just thoughts. I imagine making the cranes is becoming very meditative as you repeat the same steps over and over. :)

  2. Loving it all Lyndell - the colours seems right - white flags, truces, peace...
    The alphabet is so sensitive as well.


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