Saturday, March 9, 2013

Alphabet "Paix" - E-F-G-H - Callie


J'ai pu profiter de ce début de vacances pour avancer un petit peu les petites lettres...

I enjoyed the beginning of this holiday to advance a little small letters ...

Je me demande quand même comment je vais assembler tout ça... Peut-être aurais-je du me poser la question auparavant... Je pensais à un album accordéon de papier noir... Mais finalement, je trouve le noir trop sombre pour la paix, même si probablement, ça ferait ressortir les couleurs...

I wonder how I'm still assembling all ... Maybe I should ask of me before ... I thought of a black paper accordion album ... But ultimately, I think the black is too dark for peace, although probably it would highlight the colors ...

M'enfin... je verrai bien...
I finally ... I'll see ...

Passez une bonne journée
Have a good day.


  1. Perhaps a dark blue background the colour of the small letters?

    Peut-être un fond bleu foncé la couleur des lettres minuscules?

    Sandy in the UK

  2. Your letters have such beautiful backgrounds! And I like the different elements that have been built upon them.
    As for the background, maybe consider a warm/rich shade of violet, as a midway point between the range from pinks to blues? Or simply a warm shade of white/ecru?

  3. They work so well on their own. I like the idea of each on a separate page of a book. In agreement about black as a background...harsh. Many other options!

  4. The letters have such dancing movement...I look forward to seeing the whole lot together!


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