Friday, March 29, 2013

Lack of forward planning

As I laid out k and l over the top of the following page to photograph it for this post I realised that I could see the m through the cut out. As I don't want to see further back than one page at a time this meant that I needed to rejig k and m. The size of the letters within the square meant that there was only one way of arranging them. Unfortunately this has had a knock on effect on all of the preceding letters - they have all needed moving about and reprinting.
On this plus side it made me consider the way I had arranged the rest of the alphabet before I cut any further. It turned out that there was also a problem with arranging w and y to fit over each other. And again this affected letters both before and after them. So I have rearranged and reprinted.

Here are the new version of i,j,k and l. Printed and cut


And overlaid....


  1. Hah! I run into problems like this more often than I should!Why does an idea seem so flawless in the head and even in a sketch, but fall apart at assembly...
    I'm enjoying your process, Jac.

  2. Good save Jac! I often discover little unexpected moments like have resolved it beautifully! I do love the colours and the cut-outs, and am now noticing the cross lines more!


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