Sunday, September 1, 2013

I am finally posting my completed Peace alphaabet.  I did keep working away at it in the first half of the year and finished the individual letters before the end of June, but never got them posted.

I contemplated several different ways of presentation and finally decided on a meandering book because the road to peace is never a straight line.  The base for the book is a 12 inch by 12 inch piece of cardstock.  I mounted the individual letters on cardstock to match the colour of the ink (rainbow letters) and to make a clearer distinction between the blue, indigo and purple inks.  The colour of the inks vary with the amount put down.  Some of the letters are a bit messy as I managed to touch to ink before it was dry. The hazards of working in a circle.  I plan on redoing these in the future, but for now it is better to have them done :-)

I scanned the page that makes up the book flat, but I have a new printer/scanner and I have not yet figured how to scan it as a jpeg rather than a pdf.  More learning to be done!

I have an idea for my next alphabet, but have not yet started. A three week driving holiday to the IAMPETH convention, family visiting from Australia and a nephew's wedding  have kept me busy.


  1. love it to pieces. What a great concept. Beautiful letters!

  2. Thanks, Lyndell. I had fun doing it.

  3. Wonderful colour. just right to draw one in to have a look.

  4. Beautiful! I love the rainbow colours and the meandering suits the swirly nature of the decorations round the letters too I think. Fab.


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