Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fun in the Sun letters

When I finished the first lot of letters about peace at the end of June, I hadn't been thinking ahead to what I would do for the second set. I gave myself some time to think about it, and then realised as the summer went on that I was getting more and more behind! But I had several other deadlines to focus on.

Then I thought I might use the type of letter I made for one of those other works. So, I have been thinking it through in my head and finally today I got round to doing something about it!

So, here are the first 10 letters for July and for August. I wanted a bit more of a happy feel to them than the last ones. More like a fun sunny day.

At this point it is one layer of fabric with the letter cut out and fused to a second contrast layer. I still think I might stitch round them with the machine - possibly as part of the presentation or possibly as the next step with a further presentation to complete. But for now here are these letters at this stage.

a-e for July

f-j for August

And now to focus on the presentation for the peace letters which has also been queuing in my head behind other things!


  1. love the idea of bright and sunny disposition....must be peace around those letters.

  2. There's more sunshine and light in these letters Sandy - a joyfulness and playfulness for sure.


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