Monday, April 29, 2013


Here are the next set of my letters including an experiment with cutting out the letter instead of using ink and a  Chinese brush.  Interesting.  
I have begun to think about how I will present them and I feel quite excited about the concept.  Hopefully I will be able to convert the concept to reality.  

I have also made progress toward my 1000 cranes.  700 made!  Only 300 to go.  It has been nice using recycled paper to achieve these cranes.  Things like shopping dockets, library notices, out of date pamphlets etc.  I will be using some of them in my presentation of the letters.  My original thought was to try to use them all but it is logistically impossible I think, unless I made a curtain of them.  Hmmm now that's a thought.


  1. oooo so good to know the final piece in the making has you excited! I think the letters are so beautiful in ink, and then I see a cut out and think it's lovely too! Congrats on all the cranes - a huge achievement, and I love that you are using whatever is at hand.

  2. Hi Lyndell- I'm so impressed by your beautiful calligraphy but even more so by your accomplishment in creating 700 paper cranes!. I thought I'd pass this website along to you. It's a healing center in DC (I'm thinking about trying to teach there). If you go to this page there is a video tour of the center and in the video is a room that has a curtain of paper I think you should "go for it!"--Julie

  3. What a beautiful centre. So light and airy. You must enjoy going there. The curtain of paper cranes is also very beautiful. What a gorgeous display. Many thanks for sharing.


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