Monday, June 3, 2013

Cranes, Cranes & MORE Cranes

No spare piece of paper is safe from being turned into a crane!  

I have had some lovely responses including the owner of the local Chinese restaurant who while watching me make cranes from the discarded chopstick wrapper asked me what I was doing.  I said making cranes for good wishes.  By this time I had made seven.  She asked if I could make one more as her lucky number is the number 8.  When I had finished it she scooped them all up and very gently cupping them in her hand took them away to display on the counter.  It was a lovely interlude.  
However, now finally two achievements.  First is that I have folded OVER 1,000 cranes and now comes the reward of a wish.  In keeping with the ALAW 2013 challenge I am making the huge wish for peace. Peace in our daily lives as well as the beginning of peace for the world.  

Secondly I have completed the letters for my project.  Now to start work on the presentation.  Should be great fun.


  1. An amazing accomplishment, Lyndell. Hard for me to imagine folding that many cranes. Your alphabet is also quite beautiful.--Julie

  2. Amazing - and do you miss the making now that you are finished with the cranes?
    Sandy in the UK

  3. Surprisingly, there is still no scrap of paper safe from me. It's quite therapeutic really and a great conversation starter.

  4. How wonderful that you reached the 1000 crane milestone - that is a massive effort and achievement! Thank you for persisting and being able to make your wish for peace. I think the alphabet is lovely as well - so simple and striking - have fun exploring the presentation.


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