Monday, December 31, 2012

Fiona's introduction...

Hi all

I'm Fiona, I live in Maleny in the Sunshine Coast hinterland in Queensland, Australia.

I began this project in 2010, thinking it would be great to have a small weekly bit of creativity to do, for those times when the big projects seemed too daunting.

A Letter a Week has led us on a wonderful journey with participants from all over the world and I love the way it grows and spreads, and folk join and finish, and lots more watch  and cheer from the sidelines.

I am a calligraphic and book artist, with a general love of words, letters, paper and books. Somehow these loves come together in ALAW and I get to explore and create different alphabets.

My personal blog is paperponderings - I'd love you to drop by and have a chat!

I'm looking forward to seeing what the next generation of ALAWers produce - I am so often in awe of the talent and creativity I see here. Thanks for joining us along the way...


  1. Hi Fiona, So glad you are continuing this fabulous blog for us. It's good to get a push along occasionally and to have a deadline to work towards. Thanks so much, go well, Noela XX

  2. Bonjour Fiona,
    Merci d'avoir à nouveau accepté ma participation. Je suis ravie de reprendre. Merci aussi pour toute cette organisation. Bonne journée
    - - - - -
    Hello Fiona,
    Thank you for accepting my participation again. I am delighted to return. Thank you also for the whole organization. good day

  3. Bonjour Fiona
    J'aimerai participer à cette belle aventure, comment faire?
    J'ai suivi les si belles réalisations grâce à Callie, je trouve cela formidable de s'obliger à calligraphier, être créative et voir le talent des autres...
    Je fais de la calligraphie depuis très longtemps mais je travaille aussi la terre. J'essaie même d'associer les 2
    J'habite à Somain dans le nord de la France près de Saint Amand les Eaux, connu en France pour l'organisation du Mai de la calligraphie depuis 10 ans .
    à bientôt Nine

    1. Dear Nine - please email me so I can send you the information - we are happy to have you join us! Fiona


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